Nursing Salaries in Ohio

Nursing has often been touted as a recession proof job because of the continual need for workers in the medical profession. The stability and income potential draws many new people to a career in nursing each year. Nursing salaries in Ohio vary depending on different factors such as experience (nurse aides, LPN, RN), area population, and market competitiveness.

Nursing Aids Salary in Ohio

Nursing aides only need a high school diploma or GED to work. Because nurses aides generally do not have any specific training and their duties are restricted, the nursing aid salary in Ohio is low compared to advanced nursing professions. Their salary averages $17, 500 – $18,000 a year. Nursing aides can increase their starting salary by completing certification training courses along the way.

LPN Salary in Ohio

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) do not have to have a degree, but do need to complete specialized training through a program approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing. These programs take about one year to complete. Once complete LPN salary in Ohio is approximately $31,000 a year.

RN Salary in Ohio

Registered Nurses (RN) have the highest starting nursing salaries in Ohio. RN’s complete the most training by earning either an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree before starting their careers. Degrees can be earned by attending nursing schools in Ohio or nursing schools in other states. While the national average nursing salary is $52,000, the average nurses salary in Ohio is $65,000. RN’s with a Bachelor’s degree make more than those with just an Associate’s.