Steps to become a nurse in Ohio

Understanding the steps to become a nurse in Ohio is not as hard as you might think. Deciding to become a nurse is a worthwhile educational career goal that can be both personally and financially rewarding. There are basically five steps you need to follow to get your nursing career started in Ohio.

Become a Nurse in Ohio Step #1 – Find a Nursing Program

The first thing you need to do is determine which of the many nursing schools in Ohio is the right fit for you. Licensed nurse practitioners (LPN) only go through a one year program. They are restricted in what they can and cannot do for patients. Registered nurses (RN) can pursue a two or four year degree. RN’s with a four-year degree generally get their prerequisites for nursing courses and general education requirements completed in the first two years. You will want to score high in science courses like chemistry, biology, and anatomy and physiology. Low scores in these core classes can cause you not to be admitted into an accredited nursing program.

Become a Nurse in Ohio Step #2 – Complete Your Education

The next step is to complete your undergraduate degree. A higher degree will often result in a higher pay grade and opportunities for more jobs. Upon completion of your degree, you will have completed all the coursework to take the NCLEX exam. You can choose to start working as a nurse right away or continue your education and pursue a graduate degree. Nurses with graduate degrees typically go on to work in hospital administration or nursing education.

Become a Nurse in Ohio Step #3 – Get Licensed

The next thing you must do is submit your paperwork to the Ohio Board of Nursing as soon as you can. They will perform a standard background check and now require your fingerprints to be submitted electronically. A $75 processing fee is required along with your application.

Become a Nurse in Ohio Step #4 – Take the NCLEX Exam

The final step in becoming a nurse in Ohio, is to register for the national licensing exam for registered nurses (Known as the National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX). You cannot become a nurse in Ohio without taking and passing this exam.

Become a Nurse in Ohio Step #5 – Apply for a Nursing Job

Once you become a nurse in Ohio you’ll need to polish your resume in order to land that perfect nursing job. You’ll also want to stay on top of state and local continuing education requirements so that your nursing degree and license does not expire. Part of being a good nurse is maintaining the skills and attitudes that led you down that career path in the first place.

As you can see, the steps to becoming a nurse in ohio are simple but not easy. It required education, training and time before you will be able to make a career out of it. The good news is that nurses in Ohio enjoy great benefits and job security. This makes this profession even more rewarding for motivated individuals who desire a prosperous and fulfilling career.