Where to find Ohio Nursing Scholarships

Many students who want to pursue careers in nursing are often discouraged by the high costs of tuition and program fees. Nursing scholarships in Ohio can help ease this financial burdon and make the goal of attaining a degree possible.

There are different scholarships for nursing students in Ohio depending on where you are at in your education. There are scholarships for new nursing students as well as students pursuing a higher degree such as an RN to BSN program.

Are Nursing Scholarships in Ohio Available to You?

Applicants should make sure that they meet the eligibility criteria before applying. Depending on the scholarship, applicants either need to be enrolled in a nursing program, pursing their first degree in nursing, or returning to a nursing school in ohio for a higher nursing degree. Factors like grade point average, residency, and race can also play an important roll in laninding a nursing scholarship in Ohio.

Tips for Filling Out Nursing Scholarship Applications

Because competition is fierce you’ll also want to make sure that you have completed the scholarship application in its entirety. Provide all the necessary documentation, and meet the scholarship deadlines to ensure that it will be accepted by the review board.

Don’t hesitate to apply for multiple scholarships, especially if you are eligible for more than one. To make it easier and less time consuming re-use certain aspects of the scholarship application. Any paragraphs that describe you as a student or essays can be saved in word format to be cut and pasted directly into multiple applications.

Where to find Ohio Nursing Scholarships

In addition to the many online resources available for nursing scholarships in Ohio there are several foundations and associations that provide assistance to students.

The Ohio Nurses Foundation provides two scholarships and offers assistance with the application process every step of the way. The Ohio Center for Nursing and the Ohio Nurses Association also provide scholarships for students.

These organizations offer nursing scholarships for students returning to school to major in Nursing, generic nursing student scholarships, and for RNs working toward a BSN. In addition to providing Ohio nursing scholarships, these organizations can also assist you in finding loans and grants to help with the high cost of attending nursing school.

When searching out and applying for nursing scholarships in Ohio remember these tips:

  • When searching online use specific key words to narrow your search.
  • Utilize local resources such as foundations and associations that support nurses.
  • Make sure that you meet all the eligibility requirements for the scholarship.
  • Apply for more than one scholarship, especially if you are eligible for more than one.
  • Different scholarships cover different things and have different monetary amounts.
  • When applying for multiple scholarships re-use certain pieces like the “about me” sections and any essay portions.
  • Review your scholarship application before submitting it to the review board.

In closing, the more complete, polished, and professional looking your ohio nursing scholarship application is, the more serious the review board will take you. Often your scholarship is the first impression that they have of you, so do everything you can to make it a good one.